steven robiner - b i o


University of Southern California: Masters of Fine Arts, 1991
University of Rochester: BA Film, 1986
University of Rochester: BA Cognitive Science, 1985

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With a diverse artistic background in film, painting and digital art, Steven Robiner's works have encompassed a wide range of mediums from motion picture visual effects and website design to abstract acrylics, photo-surrealistic digital prints, and rainbow-hued backlit displays.

Steven began learning art from his mother, a painter, and photography from his father, at a very early age. By the second grade, he was drawing freehand two-point perspectives and surrealistic, dreamlike structures while also experimenting with Polaroid image distortions and pinhole cameras. Soon he was admitted to classes at the renowned Cleveland Museum of Art where he studied block etching, ceramic sculpture, and painting. Some of his early stylistic interests, ranging from fragmented abstractions to surrealistic juxtapositions of people within architecture, have grown deeper as he evolved to adulthood. After formal training in advanced photography and darkroom techniques, Robiner became fascinated with experimental photography, and started working with digital imagery, during its primordial development, back in 1984.

More recently, working commercially as a filmmaker and visual artist in Hollywood, Steven Robiner served as Visual Effects Supervisor on a number of major feature films and received dozens of awards for creative efforts in animated computer graphics, website design, directing, producing, cinematography, and visual effects. Now, however, he has returned to his passion, personal expression through artistic creations.

Robiner's artworks are a blend of photo-surrealism, metal work, mixed-media, and abstract, interactive light works utilizing non-traditional illumination techniques. Steven's inspirations flow from the elusive twilight between lucid dreaming and awakened perception; those transitory moments that offer a peek into the collective subconscious where the mesh of memories, nightmares, and a distorted expectation of reality come together.

Steven Robiner's works aim to break down common pre-conceptions, striving to evoke a spiritual reverence for our place within diverse environments. His current artistic goal: inspire us to think from different perspectives and consider the connections between our world and ourselves.



Juried, Center for Fine Art Photography: “Our Environment”, Colorado, USA, November 2008
Solo Permanent Installation, Trend Fashion Lounge, Koh Samui Thailand, 2008
Group Installation, Kush, Koh Samui Thailand, 2008
Invitational, Bandara Art Exhibition, Koh Samui, Thailand, 2007-2008
Invitational, Eclectica, Ocean Gallery, Venice, CA, 2006
Juried, Projekt30 International Exhibition, 2005
Juried, International Fine Art Photography Exhibition, Museum Of Contemporary Art, Ft. Collins, CO, USA 2005
Juried, AHA Call to the Arts / Summit V, Pomona, CA, 2005
Invited, Abbott Kinney Festival, Los Angeles, CA, 2004
Juried, SKGallery, Venice, CA, 2003
Curated, Crazy Space Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, 2003
SIGGRAPH @ EZTV CyberSpace Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, 2003